No matter the size or mix of your fleet, Kuantic offers a solution which can adapt to your needs.

From Fleet Management to Car Sharing. We will work with you to provide a solution which delivers for you. Supporting you every step of the journey.


Helping to reduce costs of your fleet, through an intuitive and easy to use platform. Whilst giving you all the information and reporting tools to optimise your fleet usage.

Geolocation gives you the accurate location of your vehicles, allowing you to calculate the estimated time of arrival, analyse trips, fuel usage, and routes taken.

Eco Driving provides driver behaviour profile, rating them across your fleet and provides coaching tips to improve their driving style. This increases the fleets fuel usage and helps reduce general running costs

Define your fleet into groups and sub groups to enable different reports or access rights.

Create your own reports around the data you want to see, and when you want to see it. Once saved as a template, you can schedule this to be received by multiple recipient’s

Real time mechanical alerts and servicing scheduling allow you to protect and optomise your vehicle downtime.

Electric vehicle reporting providing all the charging data including, state of charge, KwH added, length of time on charge, autonomy and connection. KwH per mile and percentage of battery used on trips, and range remaining. Allowing you to manage vehicle productivity, and work scheduling.

Your platform, your way. Define the users and their rights.

Car Sharing

Our carsharing solution is adopted by lot of car rental companies and also by corporate business enterprise for their own usage.

Our solution is based on an mobile appa web portal, a secured cloud platform , a solution to generate virtual keys via the bluetooth feature.

  • Car lock /unlock functionalities , immobilizer feature
    selected alerts: geofecing , dangerous drive…etc
  • Compatiblity for most of cars , platform available on white label for integrators.
  • For customers who want a full range of carsharing services , we partner with carsharing operators who offer our standard solution together with their value added services

In car delivery is an alternative of carsharing to allow users of commercial vehicules like technicians to not loose time waiting delivery of ordered goods for their work. The expected goods can be directly delivered in their car thanks to the digital key connected to the Kuantic on board unit.

  • Direct delivery in the car chest , done by one of our partner
  • Digital key , so no need of physical key
  • Platform offer you the state of your delivery


We will work with you understand your fleet needs and business challenges by creating the tools to help you drive change and reduce costs.

Supporting you on how to transition from combustion engines to electrifying your fleet, and charge management.

Creating a step change in driver behaviour to improve safety.

We will continue to work with you, in ensuring you get the best return on investment from your fleet.

Connectivity M2M

  • We can provide M2M Sim Cards without activation delay
  • Usage managed directly from our intranet
  • SMS sent of maintenance purposes
  • Private and dedicated APN capabilities
  • Fix IP capability (Carsharing)
  • Direct network access allowing you to activate the SIM card in real time, 24/7
Equipez votre véhicule d'un boitier Kuantic GP 8500

Mobility services

Providing connected data and value added services through Kuantic and our strategic global partners.

Examples :

  • Automatic parking payment system
  • EV charge point management