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Your vehicule is equipped from the factory , by the car manufacturer?
or you want us to equip your car with our advanced aftermarket solution, GP 8500?

You can test now our wide range of applications!



We will analyse your fleet structure and propose the best solution to meet your needs


Our team will activate your connected vehicles over the air, or provide and install our telematics unit to ensure complete connectivity across your fleet


We will optimize the platform to meet your needs, help create reporting templates and provide training to your teams to onboard them

3 packs
one solution

We provide 3 levels of services to meet your needs.

Basic Report
  • Mileage and odometer
  • Real fuel evolution
  • Real time mechanical alerts
  • Maintenance scheduling and alert
Driver Behaviour (BUSINESS)
Silver +
  • Driver behaviour
  • Providing driver profile, events, score and suggested coaching improvements
Geolocation services (business plus)
Gold +
  • Real time geolocation
  • Indepth vehicle data analysis
  • Trip optimization, POI features, under utilisation, configurable reporting tools


The benefits of Kuantic platform

    Create your own dashboard and individual automated reports, or from supplied templates.
    Understand driver behaviour, analyse events to help reduce your TCO.
    Improve vehicle safety, reduce costs through real time notification of mechanical issues and servicing.
    Real time visual location of your fleet, routes taken, and trip information.

In-house developed telematics hardware GP8500

Providing an approved aftermarket multi brand solution.

Main features

  • automatic kilometers calculation
  • eco drive indicators
  • alarms
  • immobilizer
  • integrated sim card
  • accelerometer
  • 4G compatible
  • over the air updates
  • sensors and rj485 connexion( options)

Technical sheet

Power supply From 7 to 27 volts direct current (DC)
Auto alimentation with auxiliary battery (in option)
Average consumption (with 12V power supply) Sleep mode : ~ 5mA
Active mode : from 15 to 350 mA
Connectors MAIN Connector:

  • Power Supply : +12V/24V Permanent
  • Ignition : +12V/24V
  • GND
  • 3 Digital input and 4 Digital output
  • CAN bus (Fault-tolerant CAN transceiver)

OPT Connector:

  • CAN bus (High-speed CAN transceiver)
2 RS232 Serial Connectors (options)
  • RFID Badge reader + Buzzer (in option)
  • Driver ID
  • Privacy push buton
  • Bluetooth Low Eneregy (BLE) module (carsharing)
Antennes GSM Integrated Antenna
GPS Integrated Antenna
Provided Elements Connection harness
Installation instructions
Installation certificat
Operating temperature Operating mode : – 40° C + 85 ° C
Storage mode : – 40° C + 85 ° C
Dimension : 68 mm(w) x 149 mm(l) x 19 mm(h)
Weight: 132 g
Box: ABS UL94 V0
Tightness IP20
GPS Module
GPS : L1 1575.42MHz C/A Code
Precision : 2.5m (GPS) et 4m (GLONASS)
Signal acquisition
Cold start: 27 secondes
Hot start : < 1 seconde
GSM Module
Frequency bands:
GSM 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
LTE-FDD B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28
LTE-TDD B38/B40/B41Transmission data:
LTE-FDD: Max 10 Mbps (DL), Max 5 Mbps (UL)
LTE-TDD: Max 7.5 Mbps (DL), Max 1 Mbps (UL)
GPRS: Max 85.6 kbps (DL)/Max 85.6 kbps (UL)
EDGE: Max 236.8 kbps (DL)/Max 236.8 kbps (UL)Transmission power:
Classe 4 (33 dBm ±2 dB) pour EGSM900/GSM850
Classe 1 (30 dBm ±2 dB) pour DCS1800/PCS1900
Classe E2 (27 dBm ±3 dB) pour EGSM900/GSM850 8-PSK
Classe E2 (26 dBm ±3 dB) pour DCS1800/PCS1900 8-PSK
Classe 3 (23 dBm ±2 dB) pour bandes LTE-FDD
Classe 3 (23 dBm ±2 dB) pour bandes LTE-TDDGPRS:
Support GPRS multi-slot Class 12
Coding scheme: CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 and CS-4EDGE :
Support EDGE multi-slot class 12
Support GMSK and 8-PSK for different MCS
(Modulation and Coding scheme)
Download Coding scheme: MCS 1-9
Uplink coding schemes: MCS 1-9
Box use cases
Supervise vehicle trip with geolocation.
Fleet management. Activity reports.
Car sharing.
Soldered SIM card.
Protection against wiring errors during installation

Conforme Directives Commission :

  • CEM 72/245/CEE
  • 2009/19/CE
  • 93/68/CEE
  • R&TTE 1999/5/CEE
  • UTAC 95/54/CEE