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September 2023: Kuantic Digital Assistant, introducing a revolution in connected vehicle management

KDA is transforming the way to manage journeys and optimize your fleet. The new Kuantic Digital Assistant (KDA) mobile application allows the easy use of knowing miles traveled for business or personal use with your company car.
This innovation is based on a machine learning algorithm.

June 2023: Greener and more functional

by Flottes Automobiles


Fleet management software is constantly evolving, in particular to support the energy transition. But these changes also concern the more traditional management functionalities and the applications made available to drivers. Essential improvements to stand out in an increasingly competitive sector.

The energy transition is accelerating the pace of changes made to fleet management tools by their publishers. Thus, as the parks become electrified, this software connects with energy suppliers and their charging stations, to be able to trace both fuel and electricity consumption. “The energy transition is one of the areas in which we are investing and which are revolutionizing our tool”, summarizes Géraud Porteu, managing director of the service provider GAC Technology. And to support its customers in this new environment, GAC Technology offers them a module to track orders for charging stations.


In this dynamic market, other players wish to impose their products: telematics operators. By the end of the year, Kuantic should launch a device that will combine data from telematics and the functionalities of fleet management software.

“Our line of development is based on a specific partnership with a fleet management software publisher, with the aim of bringing to market a product that now only has a single interface“, announces Stéphane Boutonnet, Sales Director France by Kuantic. Because telematics devices, such as those marketed by Kuantic, can be useful for fleet managers to collect important data: vehicle allocation, monitoring of driving behavior, geolocation, mileage, etc. But the interfaces of these tools do not offer the resources necessary to organize the management of a fleet: to be alerted of overruns of the laws of rolling contracts, to trace the invoices of service providers, etc.

Kuantic’s approach therefore aims to market a tool that uses telematics data and provides indicators to manage the fleet. “Our offer will integrate fleet management and telematics into a single interface, that of fleet management. We will transmit the data to bring more added value to what we offer today: the mileage data will be used, for example, for the automatic calculation of benefits in kind (AEN)”, illustrates Stéphane Boutonnet. An approach that meets a real need of fleet managers for a reliable and easy-to-use tool.

To this end, some companies are also developing their own tools, based on the use of telematics data, in order to more easily monitor their contracts, maintenance or even vehicle-related claims “Our customers have several tools on their office and want to simplify. And more and more of these customers want the data to be sent directly to fleet management software”, adds Stéphane Boutonnet.


While Kuantic’s tool is intended for fleets of all sizes, this service provider also provides “a simplified offer for small fleets, with simpler, more readable reporting, on an ergonomic portal in order to monitor several vehicles, and which gives in particular the state of the maintenance of these vehicles or even their mileage”, explains Stéphane Boutonnet. A turnkey product which will therefore position itself in direct competition with those of fleet management software publishers. A logical development: telematicians, in their field of activity, find themselves in competition with manufacturers who equip their vehicles with telematics boxes in the factory and also offer information feedback interfaces. To stand out, an offer of products with higher added value is therefore essential.

October 2022: KUANTIC integrates data from RENAULT connected vehicles

KUANTIC now offers to its customers the benefit of Renault connected data (through the embedded IVC telematics in Renault vehicles). This original equipment box – equipped on the majority of Renault vehicle models – This gives you the benefit of: mechanical alerts, next service, odometer, fuel consumption, charging data for electric / hybrid vehicles, , etc.

KUANTIC now offers to its customers the benefit of Renault connected data (through the embedded IVC telematics in Renault vehicles) This original equipment box – equipped on the majority of Renault vehicle models – This gives you the benefit of: mechanical alerts, next service, odometer, fuel consumption, charging data for electric / hybrid vehicles, , etc.

Vehicles not equipped as standard with the IVC telematics device, can be equipped with an Renualt R-Adapter, offering the same functionalities.

Data integration in the Kuantic platform

Each customer can activate their (IVC) compatible vehicle and benefit from certified vehicle data in the various models available (management of mechanical alerts, driver behaviour and geolocation) directly on the Kuantic platform.

Thanks to the integration of Renault data, Kuantic customers will be able to continue to benefit from the advantages of the multi-brand platform. This feature allows them to integrate data from different compatible manufacturers. For more advanced features like driver identification or RFID applications, customers can install the Kuantic GP8500 device across any vehicle in their fleet.

Kuantic, for example, provides DIAC Location, Renault subsidiary company, for its Iris Live offer, which will fully benefit from this new offer.

« The integration of data from a Renault’s native telematic box is a major step forward in accelerating the deployment of manufacturer solutions to our customers and increasing the activation rate of manufacturer equipment. » says Dominique Doucet, CEO of Kuantic.

June 2022: the new Telematic Box, KUANTIC GP 8500 is creating a new standard for connected fleets

KUANTIC is launching on the market for his clients, a new version of his telematic box, manufactured in Europe, in the Valeo factories.

The new Telematic Box,  KUANTIC GP 8500
is creating a new standard for connected  fleets

KUANTIC is launching on the market  for his clients , a new version  of his telematic box, manufactured in Europe,  in the Valeo factories. Thanks to the 4G technology, KUANTIC is preparing, 3 years in advance, the end of 2G expected by Orange, end of 2025. GP 8500 is offering  higher performances in terms of network coverage  (4G), et added value functionalities related to security and fleet efficiency.

KUANTIC GP 8500 improve telematic experience

KUANTIC GP 8500 is integrating last generation of  QUECTEL 4G  modem (EG912) which increases performances in terms of calculation process improving complex applications capabilities and network coverage reducing blank areas ».

The new telematic box GP8500 is optimizing the previous versions functionalities  (double CAN, accelerometer, RS 485 for coldchain connexions, tachograph interfaces) and all needed options such like (RFID, driver identification, Dallas key, Private mode button, temperature sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy et Fix Key for  Car Sharing. GP 8500 is offering  higher performance with his  multi-standards communication GSM 4G / LTE / GPRS / EDGE, energy consumption in stand by mode, autonomy with exteranl battery.  GP 8500 is adressing both OEM market from factory like the light commercial vehicules of  cars Manufacturer, Stellantis together with all  direct  B2B customers, thanks to the specific applications offered. GP 8500 is integrating an accelerometer-gyroscope for datas  linked to Eco drive services.

« This new generation of the high class telematic box of  KUANTIC is a unique aftermarket  solution  full services  and evolutive . It  serves also the car manufacturers needs for a fleet management  adapted to our clients and theirs legals expectations. This is a major step in our growth », explains Dominique Doucet, CEO of KUANTIC.

A smooth transition for customers

GP 8500 will replace definitively the actual version, end of 2022. To prevent any discontinuity of services, wires and electrical & mechanicals cables are similar to the actual version and then,  offer a « plug- and-play » in case of installation /re-installation of the fleet.

IOT applications dedicated to automotive sector

GP 8500 is taking benefit of all Kuantic expertise with more than 300 000 units sending their datas into our web cloud platform coming from various type of vehicules (passengers cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks)

KUANTIC GP 8500 is targeting both efficiency and reliability for fleet management. It opens a wide range of applications based on security and usage based, sending multiple datas flows which are the basis of activities reports and alerts. Then it helps to optimize the TCO of the fleet in optimizing operationnals costs : remote diagnostic, remote maintenance & alerts, preventive maintenance, EV &PHEV vehicules charging status follow up, Stolen vehicule applications, follow up of non-permission usages. With its indicators of driving style, it helps to develop eco drive and identify the bad behaviors on the road. It is a central point to be compliant with a risk prevention policy and eco friendly.

High standard quality production

Manufactured in the asembly bench of Valeo in Germany, legacy factory of Valeo Peiker, GP 8500 is using high standards quality process in place in the automotive industry.