Do you have questions about our fleet management platform? Maybe we can already answer some of your questions here.

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Here you can find an overview of the most important features on our platform.

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Here we explain how to activate and deactivate the private mode. Activation and deactivation may differ depending on the type of vehicle.

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Have you forgotten your password or can't find your factory password? Learn how to reset it here.

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Here we explain potential reasons why you cannot see your vehicle on the platform.


Here we show you how to use the "Map" function to check the overview of the location and condition of your fleet.


Here we show you how to create and edit locations.

How do I set alarms? Do you want to create alarms about the location or maintenance of your vehicles. Here we explain how you can proceed on our platform.


Hier zeigen wir Ihnen wie Sie durch Fahrstilanalysen den Fahrstil Ihrer Fahrer*innen bewerten können.

Here we show you how to get reports about your fleet.

Möchten Sie sich ein elektronisches Fahrtenbuch für Ihre Fahrzeuge ausgeben lassen. Hier erklären wir Ihnen Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie vorgehen können.


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Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch

The fact that your vehicle is not visible may have the following reasons:

Private mode

Please follow the instructions depending on the equipment of your vehicle

Equipped with SOS and assistance button

„Connected Car Radio RCE“ 

„Connected Auto Radio RCC (Wave 3)“ 

„Radionavigation NAC (Wave 3 und 4)“ 

A retrofitted telematics box with the "private mode" option 

(De)activation of private mode via SOS and assistance keys


Private mode only works with the Business Plus package (incl. geolocation). On a vehicle equipped with the telematics box for "Connect SOS" and "Connect Assistance", the location function is deactivated via the SOS and Assistance buttons.

Depending on the model of the vehicle, these buttons are located on the car radio or on the vehicle headliner above the rearview mirror.

Activate the private mode:

The activation process (see right) must be performed with the engine running or the ignition switched on. If the activation is performed in the first five minutes of driving, all geolocation data of the route will be deleted while driving. Otherwise, the GPS position will not be recorded until the voice message "The location function is currently deactivated".

Exit private mode:

The GPS position of the vehicle is transmitted again when:

  • The vehicle is parked and then restarted and
  • The procedure for activation is executed again (see above and right).
    Speech message: "The location function is currently activated"
    -> So the location function remains in the selected mode, if this is not actively changed again.

(De)Activation of private mode via car radio "Connected Car radio RCE".

(De)activating the private mode via car radio "Connected Auto Radio RCC (Wave3)".

(De)activating the private mode via car radio "Radionavigation NAC (Wave 3 and 4)".

Activate private mode via Kuantic Box

For vehicles equipped with a Kuantic box with the private mode option, the private mode button is located on the left side of the steering wheel.

Activate the private mode:

To activate the private mode, the customer must use the

Switch off the motor:

1. Die Taste „Privat-Modus“ drücken. Die LED leuchtet rot. 

2. Den Motor innerhalb von 20 Sekunden starten

The location of the vehicle is not recorded during the entire journey.

WICHTIG: Nach jedem ausschalten des Motors wird auch der Privatmodus deaktiviert und muss erneut aktiviert werden!

Exit private mode:

The vehicle will be located again when:

The engine is switched off and restarted (ignition off/on) without the driver having to take any special action.

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