Your needs

If you are looking to optimize your fleet, reduce your total cost of ownership or understand how to transition your fleet to electric.

We can support you through these challenges.


Using all the vehicles CanBus data from Mechanical Alerts, Maintenance, Fuel Management, we can help support you in reducing your total cost of ownership

Fleet Management
Car Sharing

We can help support your transition to electric vehicles, by understanding the real usage of your fleet and provide insight into the impact of the transition. Giving you the tools to make educated decisions.

Car Sharing
Mobility Services

Our tools allow you to understand how your fleet is used, then analysing the data to make insightful decisions to support your transitions into the best solution for your business: EV, Hybrid or Fleet Sharing

Fleet Management
Car Sharing
Mobility Services

Our services

No matter the size or mix of your fleet, Kuantic offers a solution which can adapt to your needs. From Fleet Management to Car Sharing. We will work with you to provide a solution which delivers for you. Supporting you every step of the journey.

Car Sharing
Connectivity M2M
Mobility Services

Fleet Management platform

Working with you to ensure you get the greatest benefit through analysing the data and optimizing the reporting tools to meet your needs.

Car sharing

Optimize your fleet, reduce underutilization. Through our car sharing solution.


We provide fleet consultancy to help you reduce the total cost of ownership, improve utilization, improve driver behaviour and optimize your fleet.

Connectivity M2M

As a leading European provider of M2M services, and through our partnership with a global mobile carrier, we can provide dedicated services based upon your project requirements.

Mobility Services

We continually develop new applications, such as parking payment systems and EV charge point management, which can be used in alongside our existing telematics platform.


Our offer

Your vehicule is equipped from the factory , by the car manufacturer?
or you want us to equip your car with our advanced aftermarket solution, GP 8500 ?

You can test now our wide range of applications!

About us

Kuantic has been innovating and developing fleet management solutions since 2003.

With strategic automotive OEM partnerships, focusing on passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks, we have become a market leader in Europe. Offering global reach, from local regional offices. Kuantic head office is located in Nice, France nestled in the famous Sophia Antipolis Technology Park. Providing both hardware and software solutions, to both customers and partners. Since 2017, we have proudly been part of the VALEO Group.

Kuantic is in close relationship with the Valeo Business group , confort and driving asssitance which is focus on intuitive controls solutions, connectivity and driving automation in order to make mobility safe and pleasant for all.

Axodel is a kuantic brand which adress Saas fleet management services


The new Telematic Box, KUANTIC GP 8500 is creating a new standard for connected fleets

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